Oxidation of juice.

Oxidation is caused by free radicals. Free radicals are charged molecules that contain an unpaired electron. Being charged makes such molecules very reactive and unstable. By nature such molecules are always looking for a partner to bond with to fill the gap. By snatching unpaired electrons from other compounds, free radicals become chemically stable but may at the same time convert, or oxidize, the compounds that lost electrons to new free radicals, thus starting a chain reaction.

The oxidized molecules are sometimes damaged by the electron loss and acquire new properties--for example, becoming insoluble. Picture a slice of apple turning brown, a crumbling rubber ball, the metal rusting on your car, fats that go rancid, or rotting meat. These are all examples of free radical damage generated by oxidative stress-oxidation. Try slicing an apple in half and put a little lemon juice on one exposed side. You will see the effects of the Vitamin C.


This oxidation is happening in the cells of your body every second. Several years ago a worldwide antioxidant revolution sparked in the nutrition industry. The world began to learn about cellular oxidation's significant contribution to harm the body's functions and rapidly accelerate aging.Finally, scientists were learning how to pluck dangerous, degenerative free radicals out of cells with the use of antioxidants. The word "antioxidant" has become a common term associated with anti-aging, immune system strength, and total body health.

The truth is, over 1100 different families of free radicals exist. They attack your cells from the air you breath, the sunlight you live in, the food you eat and drink, the stress you feel, and the hygienic products you buy at the store. Although some antioxidants are superior in selectively fighting some free radicals, there is not one single antioxidant that can rid the body of all of the very different kinds of free radicals.

The Oscar-Matstone and NutriCentre, due to their low spin speeds are the best at producing non-oxidised juice.