As appeared in WELL BEING JOURNAL Jan/Feb 2000 .

JUICE EXTRACTORS BREAK the Cellulose barriers in the cells of grasses, fruits, vegetables and herbs, This allows the high levels of nutrients and enzymes to be released in such a way as to enter the body's digestive system much more economically than chewing! Juicing makes is possible for the human body to be given large quantities of nutrients that would be almost impossible to consume in any other way. Viral nutrients are made immediately available to body cells when consumed in fresh juices.
Juicing helps the body with the detoxification and rebuilding processes. Drinking as little as one pint of fresh juice per day will help the body detoxify and regenerate through the assimilation of the earth's life-giving nutrients.

However, what kind of juicer do you look for when shopping? Where is the best value? Plain and simple comparisons demonstrate which machine gives you the most value for every pound of produce you purchase that you juice, as well as for every minute of time dedicated to the process of juicing,
The price you pay for a juicer becomes insignificant when compared to the total investment you make for the higher quality of life you will find through daily juicing with a quality juicer. Here is what you would be wise to look for when buying a new or replacing an old juicer.
Qualities to Demand from a juicer:
1. Maximum quantity of juice from the produce used.
2. Highest quality of nutritional value possible in the juice extracted.
3. Reasonable juice stability with all the benefits, including extended storage time, freshness and nutrient, enzyme retention.
4. Ease and speed of cleaning up.
5 . Quality of parts and intelligent design.
6. A reasonable warranty and service agreement.