Making the decision to purchase a juicer is one of the most important decisions of your life. A juicer is an investment in your health. No amount of money can replace your health. Nothing that you can do will alter and improve your health and lifestyle as much as getting into the habit of making your own fresh fruit and vegetable juices every day right in your own kitchen.
The decision to get involved with juicing can be a confusing one when you enter the marketplace and discover the price range of juicers goes from R299.00 to R18 000.00! What in the world is the difference between a two hundred Rand juicer and one that costs a few thousand Rand? After all, don't they all make juice? Well yes and no. There are several factors to consider.

1. Ease of operation and clean up - If juicing is a hassle you won't do it. You need a juicer that is easy to use and easy to clean.
2. Juice Quality - A good juicer makes juice of a high quality. A high quality juice has a high nutrient and enzyme content.
3. Will it last? - Quality juicers have quality warranties. A 30 or 90-day warranty is not a good warranty. A five-year warranty is good, while a ten or fifteen year warranty is excellent. Most of the juicers under R900.00 have cheap brush motors that cannot handle seeds, stems or cores. You have to slice every piece of produce into tiny pieces so the motor will not burn out. Most purchasers of these inexpensive department store machines ignore the directions and use their new juicer with enthusiastic frequency. Doing so will burn out such a juicer in less than a month.
4. Yield per kilogram of produce - This is what really separates the bargain basement juicers from the quality machines. A good juicer can get extract much more juice per kilo of produce than a cheap one. A good juicer gets 17% to 40% more juice than the bargain basement models.
5. Power -You need a machine with a horsepower motor of 1/4 horsepower or higher.
Happy hunting!